The brief history of Daoine Sidhe
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The brief history of Daoine Sidhe
Written by: Rayendir-DS

The brief history of Daoine Sidhe

Ad Sanctum to those interested in the history of my clan, Daoine Sidhe, one of the eldest clans on,

Though most stories in the Library you’re visiting are written in Role Play style completely, this merely is a simple introduction, thus written for people without any knowledge about Daoine Sidhe’s traditional Role Play settings.
Of course written for outsiders, as this story is meant to show people how Daoine Sidhe’s traditions, her policies, and her structure were forged from what we learned in the past, our glorious past.
Therefore I have made this story one about our history in Role Play, but I also added the years as we known them, to give readers an idea when something happened in real life.

Our history indirectly starts in late 1996, a year after Diablo’s release. I, Rayendir Sidhe, was a Bard with the Knights of the Round Table, sent out as Ambassador to an ally of my clan.
To the Sisterhood of Daoine Sidhe, consisting of rogues only, I was sent, as my mother Niniane Sidhe had been one of them.
There, on the islands Erin and Avalon, I learned a lot more than what I had learned already as an apprentice in my youth, and I watched the founding of the alliance of The Red Dragon begin 1997, called after the banner of the leading house of High King Uther Pendragon.

It was a rough time for the alliance, that the Knights of the Round Table founded together with the Sisterhood of Daoine Sidhe, and a clan called the White Knights. The Red Dragon had been founded in the first place to bring different clans together more, but also because a certain clan, Moralltach, with her kingdom situated near the lands of my own clan, was threatening the Knights of the Round Table. Thus The Red Dragon was founded to be able to oppose to this clan’s aggressiveness, and for a while everything went as planned.

However, as the year 1997 passed by, Moralltach infiltrators succeeded playing apart the Knights of the Round Table, after which she collapsed, and also the Sisterhood of Daoine Sidhe discovered a spy amongst the Sisters.
It seemed The Red Dragon could not make a clear decision about what to do against this covered war against her, and so the alliance fell half way 1997.

After this the Sisterhood of Daoine Sidhe united with the remaining, scattered Knights of the Round Table, and I was asked to lead them, for I had been the link between the two for a long time already. In May 1997 I became King of Daoine Sidhe, uniting not only the Sisters and Knights, but also the Bards and other people from the former alliance who wanted to join us, and so I started rebuilding my clan in preparation for a new alliance to be founded.
Eventually the time was ready, and the alliance, of which I was crowned High King in 1998, was called The White Marten.

For a long time The White Marten, called after the banner of Daoine Sidhe’s forefather, faired well, and gained power during the three avenging wars against Moralltach that followed through the years. Daoine Sidhe was her Royal Guard, while ever more clans joined the alliance, giving The White Marten more strength than many other alliances of her time.
But slowly an internal problem was growing out of hand, first unnoticed due to the alliance’s welfare, later a reason for lots of discussion in the High Council.
Begin 2000 the problem then became obvious, when I stated I would step down as High King that same year. During the years of my reign we shook off the formerly aggressive Moralltach under my command, we defeated the hacking Dark Soldiers, and we defended our allies when they needed help; my name had been attached to The White Marten’s existence, but I would leave now as High King.
In itself that problem could have been solved, but the High Council disagreed on who was to take over my duties, which caused a weak spot in the alliances strength. Our enemies tried hard to use this in their advantage, and so it became clear I was the only one who could keep the alliance alive.
I had given the High Council more than a year time to deal with my leaving, as I had already told them about my plans in 1999: nevertheless the alliance fell soon after I stepped down.

And so ever since the last two months of 2000 Daoine Sidhe has been a clan without alliance. After The White Marten’s fall I put many efforts in changing Daoine Sidhe from her Royal Guard being, into a fully self supporting clan, together with help of my members.
That our work has been successfully can be seen today, for Daoine Sidhe is bigger than ever, and better organised than ever.
We haven’t changed completely though. We still use the greeting I was taught to use as a Bard once, ‘Ad Sanctum’, which also counts for the former Sisterhood’s blessing ‘May the Horned Moon be with you’, and certain other traditions remain as well.
Altogether I’m proud of my clan Daoine Sidhe, that also this year, 2001, still is amongst the clans on, with a long past behind her, and a bright future.

If you’re interested in more information about our past I suggest you read The History of Erin, or you take a look at the Graveyard of Daoine Sidhe, where important members of the former alliance’s are buried.
However I realise this brief history only summarises the most important facts, and that the large number of myths, wars, marriages, and other parts of our history described in other works, might confuse people.
Therefore I would like to mention here, that everyone interested can ask me questions as well, as I’ve been there ever since Daoine Sidhe’s founding, as I’ve seen the largest part of our history happening in front of me, and I’m willing to tell others about what I saw as well.
You can contact me on

May the Horned Moon be with you,

King of Daoine Sidhe,

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