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Welcome to Daoine Sidhe; a multi-game clan. We originate from Diablo 1, which practically means we've been around for over 10 years now. This also means we're here to stay! So if you're looking for a nice guild with some longterm possibilities; this is the place to be!.

Join us in one of our divisions and participate in the games we play or become a community member and write stories for our newsletter or become a Sidhe. There's a bit for everyone no matter your interests. Besides games and activities we also have a large library in which you can find the entire history of Daoine Sidhe and the culture and rituals we hold on to.

So take a stroll through our forums or visit us in game; there's something for everyone!

May the Horned Moon be with you,
Welcome to Daoine Sidhe!  

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Diablo 3
Posted by RealRipper-DS on 09 May 2012 @ 21:19 - Category: Daoine Sidhe

A.S. everyone that is still left.

As most of you might know Diablo 3 is upon us next week, as a long standing Diablo guild i was wondering if there was any interest of blowing some new life in this old Guild of ours.

Either way if you are go to the link at the read more and list your name <3

The world of Sanctuary awaits!

Edit: 15 people signed up so far!!

DS party 2011
Posted by glittergirl-DS on 01 May 2011 @ 22:06 - Category: Daoine Sidhe

A.S. all of you,

As you may have noticed, a poll has been opened a while ago to decide when would be the best date for DS party this year.
Although there wasn't a clear winner, most people voted for 16-17 July.

So next DS party will be held on 16-17 July 2011.

In a couple of days I will make a thread in The Tavern, for people to confirm whether they're coming or not etc.

For more information you can always mail me, my adress can be found in my profile


Sint bios night!
Posted by glittergirl-DS on 16 Nov 2010 @ 17:25 - Category: Daoine Sidhe


Because the previous movie night is already a while ago, some guys decided to organize a new movie night.
This time it's a Bios night, and the idea is to go to the movie 'Sint'.

Anyone wanting to come along, these are the dates:

-20 nov. 2010 - 19:30h
-27 nov. 2010 - 19:30h

It will be in the Rembrandt theatre in Utrecht.
Some more dates will probably be added sooner or later.

So if you want to come, send Sianto-DS a PM or an e-mail

Be there, or someone will get mad!

DS CRAZY Movie Night !
Posted by RealRipper-DS on 21 Aug 2010 @ 12:42 - Category: Daoine Sidhe

Our dear old friend Microchip (the only guy on this website that has never officially been part of DS) is hosting a movie night.
And not just any movie night but a CRAZY movie night.

Its going to be in Rotterdam (sorry non dutchies but thats where he lives)

On either one of three dates:

-5th September
-12th September
-26th September

So check the Topic and vote


Tournament THIS weekend!
Posted by Dismaltommyrot-DS on 12 Aug 2010 @ 19:17 - Category: Starcraft 2 Division

Go check out the link for more info! Boohyaa!


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